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Original and Re-purposed Pieces

Antique Tool Chest Table

13_cip_61I found this old carpenter’ s box lying on a tarp in the middle of a vast flea market.  There were a few hand tools still in it, possibly original, maybe not.   The box is plainly made and humble.  I imagine it was built for the simple purpose of holding its owner’s tools.  I wonder who made it, and how their story went. Continue reading

Bench Racer

IMG_0021A long time ago, my father made a simple bench out of a scrap of 4×6″ fir.  Back then, a bunch of us were racing motorcycles, and we would engage in ‘bench racing’ sessions- reviewing  memorable moments from recent or famous rides- akin to the idea of the ‘Monday morning quarterback’ sessions. Straddling this rustic bench was a natural visual aid to the storytelling. Continue reading

Bench Dog

A bench dog is a piece of hardware that fits into a workbench for the purpose of holding or steadying a piece of material. A woodworker might use a bench dog to clamp a block of wood in order to carve it, for example.

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Mystery Toadstool

I’ve had a short section of a log in my possession for years. I have no idea where it came from, or what type of wood it is, just that it’s very light in weight. It’s also light in color, yet it produces dark brown chips. It’s a mystery.

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