Excelsior Junior

I decided that it might be fun to replicate the Excelsior No.1 table entirely in wood. I did; it was.

I stayed away from creating an exact reproduction of the original. The original table relied in part on its massive cast iron base for stability, so I compensated for the reduced density of pine by making the base a bit larger, retaining detailing that mimics a cast component to at least a reasonable degree.

The top influenced the design of both tables in the same way:  I used the materials at hand.  I would have liked a slightly larger top on the junior edition, but alas, it is what it is.  Over the years, I’ve been drawn to the look of weathered, sun-bleached fence-posts and driftwood.  This finish is yet another of my attempts to  emulate that look.

As in much of my furniture, I’ve added hidden adjustable feet that allow for a stable table on any floor.

I decided not to embellish this edition with chrome bumper bolts.

In case you missed it, the Excelsior No.1 table is here.

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