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Flat Art

A Collection of 2-Dimensional work in various media…

Painting 2020







These paintings are explorations of color, gradation and texture. Various application techniques were used, and the reflective nature of the steel and aluminum substrates, where used, add a depth that dynamically changes with the angle of view that static photos cannot capture. Continue reading


A Collection of My Photographs…


I got into the habit of giving names to my computers long ago, once I learned how useful a recognizable identifier can be in a network setting.  I’ve named machines after Ansel (Adams), (Thelonius) Monk, Euclid and other figures that resonated with me for some reason.

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Bench Dog

A bench dog is a piece of hardware that fits into a workbench for the purpose of holding or steadying a piece of material. A woodworker might use a bench dog to clamp a block of wood in order to carve it, for example.

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The Sportsmanship Cue

Legends are born in events that we rarely take personal part in.  Actions that transcend ordinary lives always seem to occur when we’re not there to see.  Those near enough to bear witness later share their tale with a circle of friends, and eventually the word reaches our ears.   This is such a tale. Continue reading

Mystery Toadstool

I’ve had a short section of a log in my possession for years. I have no idea where it came from, or what type of wood it is, just that it’s very light in weight. It’s also light in color, yet it produces dark brown chips. It’s a mystery.

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Scribble and Scrawl

wp-at-the-table-sig-1000x72A box of my old notebooks passed through my hands recently. The pages were filled with thoughts and impressions in the form of words and images. Most had lost whatever had made them originally worth committing to paper, and I had no hesitation at tossing them, notebook after notebook.

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Public Domain Images

riding-hood-matted-1000x72I have a great fondness for fairy tales, and even have a modest collection of old fairy tale books.  I have vivid memories of reading these fantastic stories as a very young human, fretting for the safety of the characters as their rambling adventures brought them to far-off and impossible places.  I remember feeling wistful, even at that age, that I would never be able to travel there with them. Continue reading

Thank You!

Your message in on its way.

Carry on with whatever you were doing.  Once my fully robotic staff has read your message and added their well intentioned comments to the margins, it will be rolled up and served to me in a copper samovar along with a warm biscuit.  I’ll get back to you.