Pine Bench with Green Top

Here is an example of reclaimed wood being given a second chance.

The painted pine top was found in the rafters of a garage.  It wasn’t painted when I found it, but years of simple exposure to the atmosphere had left an unattractive pattern of oxidation.  No problem; I was planning on a painted top anyway.

The pine for the base arrived in the form of an over-sized pallet.  Manufacturers will often custom build shipping pallets for items that don’t fit on standard pallets. Over the years, I’ve seem some very nice wood used for these things.  I can imagine the boss sending perhaps a younger employee out to pick up materials for pallet construction,  who makes their selection based simply on the visual appeal of the wood he sees.  Not that this bench is made from cocobolo and teak, but still…

The goal in designing this bench was balancing strength and simplicity.  I think this is the classic challenge in designing seating- light enough to easily move about, yet stout enough to support the stoutest among us.

One aspect that became particularly enjoyable was trying to maintain some logical relationship, whether mathematical or merely visual, between every angle used in the design.  Not important, perhaps, but enjoyable.

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