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3-Dimensional Works in Various Media

Buick Hubcap Guitar


hubcap (4 of 6)I was commissioned to build this guitar featuring a vintage Buick hubcap as a resonator.  The earliest musical instruments were made from found materials- gourds, shells, and even human skulls were used as resonating chambers, so a hubcap makes perfect sense. Continue reading


I got into the habit of giving names to my computers long ago, once I learned how useful a recognizable identifier can be in a network setting.  I’ve named machines after Ansel (Adams), (Thelonius) Monk, Euclid and other figures that resonated with me for some reason.

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Untitled, Painted Wood

Ihammered-wood can’t honestly say that I always have a preconceived idea of what I’m about to make when I begin a project.  In fact, I enjoy that the most.  All too often, what can be imagined doesn’t translate well into the language of reality.  Other times, an idea is simply incompatible with reality, and it can be a sad moment when that becomes apparent.

2005, Painted pine   10″x22″
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Guitar Rift

This guitar was handmade by some guy I met in a field.  I bought it from him right then and there.  Rash purchases are often followed by remorse, and this case was no exception.
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This piece is built around my first welding helmet.  I retired the helmet long ago, but never got rid of it.  It hung on one wall or another for twenty years or more, silently watching as I went about my life.
Then one day, surfacing from deep and distant thoughts, I found myself staring at it, and this is what I found looking looking back at me.

I didn’t recognize him immediately, but once the mask was complete, I realized I’d captured the image of the Divine Welder. Continue reading

Flying Fish

This is special to me.  I started it a long time ago as a present for someone, but didn’t finish it in time to give it to them.  Many years later, I set out to complete it, but found it had become something different in the intervening years, both in appearance and in its meaning to me.  That’s all I really care to share about this aspect of the Flying Fish. Continue reading


A small and rather personal sculpture.  Small, because it’s not very big.  Personal, because during it’s creation,  watching steel melt in the flame hypnotized me, for the lack of a better word.  I was transported to a different place, and I merely observed as this emerged. Continue reading