Bust of Triliminal Entity

triliminal-1-5Original sculpture incorporating copper, glass, industrial and organic remains.

This piece combines elements of man, animal and machine. Pairing any two of these has been the subject of discussion for centuries, yet the three are not commonly considered together as an entity.  Even as the specter of Artificial Intelligence threatens our sovereign sentience, we struggle to reconcile our animal and human natures.  As I don’t think we’ll ever sort out nonsense like that, this bust will give us something to look at in the meantime.

This has been difficult to capture photographically.  I hope to add some better photos once we’ve settled into a new place.  At the moment, both this bust and the bulk of my camera gear is in storage.  Ironically this has afforded me enough time to get this website started.

Update: I’ve added a short (1:26) video that may provide a better idea of what it looks like.

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