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A Collection of My Photographs…

The Old Future

 I first heard the expression ‘the old future’ when my daughter was about 14 years old.  We were driving, and as we approached an intersection, we were presented with a splendid view of a nice old Airstream trailer cruising by.  “Isn’t that a cool thing?” I said.  “Yeah,” she agreed, “It looks like the old future.” Continue reading

Quick October Trip

We set off for a trip to New Hampshire without realizing it was the peak of the fall foliage display.  Living in Connecticut. it always seemed redundant to drive around to see more trees in the fall.  I was, however, surprised both by the flamboyant beauty of the colors and the number of cars out for a look.
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Barber Museum

The Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham Alabama is quite a place.  On a recent trip there, I took a bunch of photos, but didn’t want to end up with with a series of conventional motor vehicle shots, however rare and unusual the subject might be.  I knew I’d never be happy with awkwardly lit machines, and  backgrounds cluttered with fellow visitors.  I did, however, capture a few impressions and images abstracted from the whole that I think are interesting.

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The Sloss Furnaces

I had the privilege of visiting the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark and industrial museum in Birmingham, AL.

It’s a unique destination. The sprawling industrial complex is largely open for unsupervised investigation, despite being in a state of decline that occasionally seems, well, only marginally safe.

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Did I Dream this?


This image might seem like a fantasy created  in Photoshop, but I captured this scene with my Canon A550, pretty much as it appears.

For reasons I can’t explain, I never got around to adjusting the camera’s built-in calendar, so the date recorded in the image file’s metadata is an improbable January 1, 1980.  The probability of that being the correct date is very low, considering that the A550 wasn’t introduced until 2007. Continue reading


Nokia_6133Here’s a series of photos captured with the 1.3 mp camera on a 2006 Nokia 6133 flip phone.  Toy cameras currently offer higher resolution, but the lesson can’t be ignored: the best camera is indeed the one you have with you. Continue reading