Bird House

birdhouse-1“Sometimes a television is just a birdhouse”  (S. Freud, 1922} 

This used to be a 5″ black and white tv with built-in AM-FM radio.  It ran on household current or batteries.  Portable and versatile, it epitomized personal freedom.  And as small as it is, I watched world history unfold on this tiny screen.

Time passed, and the day came for this to not be a tv anymore.  It had been a good little device, so I wanted to give it a better end than a short, bumpy trip to the transfer station.

Happily, it makes a very suitable dwelling for small flying animals.  The floor has a raised central portion, with adequate drainage around the perimeter.  The former speaker grilles on either side are lined with a light speaker cloth, creating good ventilation while preventing overly strong breezes from ruffling feathers.

I attached a PVC pipe cap to the bottom, which makes it quite simple to mount the birdhouse where ever one likes.  Unfortunately, my wife did not like.  She thought  having a tv on a pole outside our window brought the wrong kind of attention to our house, so we never actually had any birds move into it.  She thought some other things, too.

So, it’s like new, a great starter tv for a young bird family just starting out.  Make me an interesting offer.

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