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Notes and Musings on Work-a-Day Life…

Entropic Chic Interrupted

bearings-1As a species, we scramble around trying to improve our situation.  We invent, experiment, build and create, all in the hope of finding something better than whatever it is that we already have.  We like change.

Nature, however, prefers things as they were.  What follows is an example of that ongoing disagreement.

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Foundry Flasks


I work part time at a small foundry.  I come in once or twice a week as an independent contractor to maintain the machines, repair equipment and fabricate things as need be.  At one point I was asked to build a few flasks- frames to hold patterns. Continue reading

Two Part Invention

crane (1 of 1)-2

This post sort of reminds me of that circular discussion regarding some old work of art: “Did it survive because it was great, or is it great because it survived?”

That’s because the projects in this post aren’t really among the greatest things I’ve ever done.  It’s just that I happen to have photographs of them. Continue reading

Unpacking the Truck


I’ve noticed the changing meaning of the word ‘unpacking’ in the last few years. It used mean simply removing items from the container in which they had been stored. Like unpacking your bags after a trip.

Increasingly, reporters endeavor to ‘unpack’ the contents of a complex story, hoping to separate and clarify the interlocking layers that give the story context and meaning.

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