Photographic Prints Available through FAA

I am offering prints of some of my original photographs.  Many feature subjects of my own creation- masks, sculptures and the like, as well as things I simply like.
There are also portraits of obsolete machinery, which I find to be a poignant marker of our collective passage through time– that which was once once modern and exciting is now ignored and without value.

I am using Fine Art America to fulfill orders for print, both for their commitment to quality and the utilitarian aspect of being able to integrate their store into my website. I think they offer too many variations based on a single image, and don’t like the distraction of tens of thousands of random offerings, but what can I do?

Two important notes:

  1. Purchases through Fine Art America uses their secure checkout process.
  2. Other stuff for sale on this site needs to be processed separately, and cannot be combined with FAA purchases.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it saves the cost and hassle of building my own free-standing e-commerce infrastructure, which, quite frankly, I would never get around to doing.