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A Collection of My Photographs…

The Back Room

Is Not the Gift Shop…

The Gift Shop is for fungible goods- T-Shirts, posters, mugs and the like.

The Back Room, however, is for special stuff.

Occasionally, I offer one of the original pieces featured on this website for sale, or I may choose to sell an item had been the subject of of a photographic study.  Signed, limited edition series of photographs will also be made available here occasionally- as opposed the very nice mass produced offerings in the Gift Shop.

Like everyone does sometimes, I have regular stuff for sale,   This is where you’ll find it.

Who knows, something from my Food Consignment venture may even show up here,  Stay tuned.

In any case, please note that there will not be any ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ buttons associated with the items in the ‘Back Room’ pages.  I you’re interested, please contact me via the link at the bottom of any page.  Ask any questions you have, and if you like,  I’ll work out a custom shipping cost based on your location and send you a one time Paypal invoice which you can review before making your purchase.

Specials Currently Offered:

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