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These posts function as ‘splash’ pages for each category.

Flat Art

A Collection of 2-Dimensional work in various media…


A Collection of My Photographs…

Thank You!

Your message in on its way.

Carry on with whatever you were doing.  Once my fully robotic staff has read your message and added their well intentioned comments to the margins, it will be rolled up and served to me in a copper samovar along with a warm biscuit.  I’ll get back to you.

The Gallery

Is Not the Gift Shop…

The Gift Shop carries items based on my work- T-Shirts, posters, mugs and the like.

The Gallery, however, is original and limited edition works.


Please note that there will not be any ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ buttons associated with the items in the ‘Gallery’ pages.  I you’re interested, please contact me via the link at the bottom of any page.  Ask any questions you have, and if you like,  I’ll work out a custom shipping cost based on your location and send you a one time Paypal invoice which you can review before making your purchase.

Specials Currently Offered:


3-Dimensional Works in Various Media


Original and Re-purposed Pieces

Bits and Pieces

A Smattering of Unrelated Stuff…