I’m Not Xapno

In the 1930’s, Harpo Marx visited Russia in the combined role of ambassabor and performer. The Cryillic alphabet rendered his name as something like Xapno Mapcase.  I learned of this many years ago while reading his autobiography, and have often used it as my online identity.  It was a unique alias at one time; less and less as time goes by.  In reality, though, I’m not Xapno.

My first Facebook account was a variation of the name Xapno. I only created it in order follow the accounts of a few family members. I’m not a ‘joiner’ by nature; I kept in touch with my circle of friends using old fashioned methods like personal contact. Recently however, I have felt compelled to explore this larger social circle. To that end, I am now present on Facebook- without an alias. I’m enjoying the expressive outlet it offers, although I can’t say that I’m happy about the additional workload of maintaning it. You may find this nascent effort at Mark Makes Things.

As I’ve noted elsewhere in this bloggish bog of a website, I feel it’s time to present myself for who I am.  This ‘Xapno’ section is intended to fill that role, although you may have to read between the lines in places.  I’ve put this section under the ‘Portfolio’ heading partly to simplify the navigation menu, but also because I consider my life to be an ongoing project.

The photo of me was taken by placing my point-and-shoot Canon A550 inside the machine I was working on that day.  I really was that dirty; it was one of those days.  It may not the best photograph to use for this section, but I like it.  It’s me, but it’s hard to tell.

Bottom line, I’m just like everybody else, more or less.  Read on, you’ll see.

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Photo of Harpo Marx and Poster: copyright unknown.