"Did I Dream This?" © 2016Mark Pelloth

I had a pretty nice ride home this afternoon.  Peering out through a raindrop spattered windshield at a silvery December fog triggered a string of memories of running a fishing boat out of New Haven, Ct in the 1990s.  Exploring these normally dormant recollections pulled me into such deep reverie that I nearly cruised past my exit.

I try not to dwell in the past, reliving my most and least favorite moments; the present keeps me pretty well occupied.
On the other hand, memories are important. Our memories inform the choices we make, and influence what we fear and love.  They weave a continuous narrative out of what would otherwise be a series of unconnected events.   This continuity let’s us know that we’re the same person today that we were yesterday, and proves it again every time we wake up.  Without the continuity that memories provide, each day would just be a random event.  We would be adrift.

"Did I Dream This?" © 2016 Mark Pelloth

“Did I Dream This?” © 2016 Mark Pelloth

Anyway, I hadn’t recalled these particular memories for quite some time, but it got me to thinking about this ‘General Record’ I’m currently working on, and how an ‘About Me’ section might be constructed.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the point of this website is to share what I do, and I think that requires shedding a little light on myself, taking a small step out of the shadows.

After my ride home today, I thought that it might be more illuminating to share some memories instead of presenting a linear biography or concocting a crafty resume.  No matter which format, though, words only partly reveal the person.  I challenge you to read these posts in order to get to know me.

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