Improbable Occupation: Private Investigator


I didn’t actually have any aspirations to become an actual private investigator.  This started as an idle doodle on a napkin about the same time I took delivery of my new graphics tablet.  A little while later, I had this swell logo, a two eyed eye, and no real purpose for its existence.  Unless, of course, I created detective agency called 2II Private Investigation, which seemed a bit extreme.

However, upon further reflection, it occurred to me that as we go about our lives, we’re constantly investigating all manner of things on an ongoing basis.  Some are important things that might alter the course of our life, although many more are trivial things that merely catch our curiosity for a moment.  In that sense, then, most of us qualify us to be called an ‘investigator’.

Furthermore, unless we’re unusually gregarious and outgoing, we tend to conduct our affairs largely within that comfortable bubble of privacy we find in our minds.  Think about it: Do you make every thought and decision public?  Of course not.

The conclusion, of course, is that we are all self employed Private Investigators.

This emblem, then, is a suitable badge for anyone to display while conducting their private investigations into the nature of things.  Wear it with pride.  I do.



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