I’m Not Xapno / Intro

In the 1930’s, Harpo Marx visited Russia in the combined role of ambassabor and performer. The Cryillic alphabet rendered his name as something like Xapno Mapcase.  I read this years ago in Harpo’s autobiography, and have often used it as my online identity.  In reality, though, I’m not Xapno.


I’m not extroverted by nature.  I’m perfectly happy hanging back and observing, so being Xapno was a perfectly adequate identity.  At this point, though,  with my efforts presented on this website, I wish to have my name and true identity associated with it.

This ‘Xapno’ section is my version of the usual ‘About Me’ page.


Driving home recently while thinking about all this, peering through a raindrop spattered windshield at a silvery December fog triggered a string of memories of running  clam boats out of New Haven, Ct in the 1990s.  Exploring these normally dormant recollections pulled me into such deep reverie that I nearly cruised past my exit.

The present keeps me pretty well occupied, but memories are important. Memories inform the choices we make, and influence what we fear and love.  They weave a continuous narrative out of what would otherwise be a series of unconnected events.   This continuity let’s us know that we’re the same person today that we were yesterday, and proves it again every time we wake up.  Without the continuity that memories provide, each day would just be a random event.  We would be adrift.  A memory is experience plus time.

Anyway, I hadn’t recalled these particular memories for quite some time, but it got me to thinking about this ‘General Record’ I’m currently working on, and how an About Me section might be constructed.

It occurs to me that it might be more illuminating, more revealing of who and what I am, if I were to share some memories and reflections instead of presenting a linear biography or concocting a crafty resume.  No matter which format, though, words only partly reveal the person.

Bottom line, I’m just like everybody else, more or less.  Read on, you’ll see.


A word about the self portrait: This photo was taken by placing my point-and-shoot inside the machine I was working on that day.  I really was that dirty; it was one of those days.  It may not the best photograph to use for this section, but I like it.  It’s me, but it’s hard to tell.

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Photo of Harpo Marx and Poster: copyright unknown.