Early Days, Late Nights

2014-11-26 08.56.55My fond first memories hearken back to my carefree zygote days.  What times those were; talk about potential!  It was an era of no regrets, no apologies, no baggage.

2014-11-26 08.56.55

An actual junk drawer in my actual kitchen.

I’ve managed to complicate things a bit since then. For instance, there’s a drawer in my kitchen that is absolutely out of control.   I don’t use much of what it holds; I don’t even like a lot of it, but there it is,

That’s not to say that my life is  like this drawer- cluttered and useless- just that things don’t always turn out as expected.

True, my life is stuffed with all manner of…stuff: some acquired through diligence and passion, some quite unwanted, and some put there by others.  There have been occasions, though, where I think I have put my life to an acceptably good use.

I’m not sure where this post is going…

More to come…

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