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A professor friend asked me to come up with an illustration for her new book. After a little discussion and research, we settled on the trickster figure Kokopelli.  I’m not an expert when it comes to Native American lore.  I approached this simply as a illustration project, although I did try to find a border motif whose origins are arguably consistent with the central figure. Continue reading

Public Domain Images

riding-hood-matted-1000x72I have a great fondness for fairy tales, and even have a modest collection of old fairy tale books.  I have vivid memories of reading these fantastic stories as a very young human, fretting for the safety of the characters as their rambling adventures brought them to far-off and impossible places.  I remember feeling wistful, even at that age, that I would never be able to travel there with them. Continue reading

Desultory Graphics Dept.

yesterdayslunchtOver the years, I’ve accumulated a sort of scrap heap of images.  Some were the product of whimsy; doodles for their own sake.  A few were created for website customers yet remain my property to use or repurpose.  Some have a story while some remain a mystery, even to me.

Continue reading

Painting 2020







These paintings are explorations of color, gradation and texture. Various application techniques were used, and the reflective nature of the steel and aluminum substrates, where used, add a depth that dynamically changes with the angle of view that static photos cannot capture. Continue reading