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Painting 2020







These paintings are explorations of color, gradation and texture. Various application techniques were used, and the reflective nature of the steel and aluminum substrates, where used, add a depth that dynamically changes with the angle of view that static photos cannot capture. Continue reading

I’m Not Xapno / Intro

In the 1930’s, Harpo Marx visited Russia in the combined role of ambassabor and performer. The Cryillic alphabet rendered his name as something like Xapno Mapcase.  I read this years ago in Harpo’s autobiography, and have often used it as my online identity.  In reality, though, I’m not Xapno. Continue reading


A Collection of My Photographs…

Quick October Trip

We set off for a trip to New Hampshire without realizing it was the peak of the fall foliage display.  Living in Connecticut. it always seemed redundant to drive around to see more trees in the fall.  I was, however, surprised both by the flamboyant beauty of the colors and the number of cars out for a look.
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I got into the habit of giving names to my computers long ago, once I learned how useful a recognizable identifier can be in a network setting.  I’ve named machines after Ansel (Adams), (Thelonius) Monk, Euclid and other figures that resonated with me for some reason.

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Bench Dog

A bench dog is a piece of hardware that fits into a workbench for the purpose of holding or steadying a piece of material. A woodworker might use a bench dog to clamp a block of wood in order to carve it, for example.

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Barber Museum

The Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham Alabama is quite a place.  On a recent trip there, I took a bunch of photos, but didn’t want to end up with with a series of conventional motor vehicle shots, however rare and unusual the subject might be.  I knew I’d never be happy with awkwardly lit machines, and  backgrounds cluttered with fellow visitors.  I did, however, capture a few impressions and images abstracted from the whole that I think are interesting.

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The Sloss Furnaces

I had the privilege of visiting the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark and industrial museum in Birmingham, AL.

It’s a unique destination. The sprawling industrial complex is largely open for unsupervised investigation, despite being in a state of decline that occasionally seems, well, only marginally safe.

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The Sportsmanship Cue

Legends are born in events that we rarely take personal part in.  Actions that transcend ordinary lives always seem to occur when we’re not there to see.  Those near enough to bear witness later share their tale with a circle of friends, and eventually the word reaches our ears.   This is such a tale. Continue reading

Mystery Toadstool

I’ve had a short section of a log in my possession for years. I have no idea where it came from, or what type of wood it is, just that it’s very light in weight. It’s also light in color, yet it produces dark brown chips. It’s a mystery.

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13 Crimes (A Memory)

The holidays, and a co-worker gave my wife a bottle of 13 Crimes wine.  Something about 13 types of crime that the English courts punished the guilty  by banishment to Australia.  I guess that could be historical fact, but a strange name for wine.

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Unpacking the Truck


I’ve noticed the changing meaning of the word ‘unpacking’ in the last few years. It used mean simply removing items from the container in which they had been stored. Like unpacking your bags after a trip.

Increasingly, reporters endeavor to ‘unpack’ the contents of a complex story, hoping to separate and clarify the interlocking layers that give the story context and meaning.

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Public Domain Images

riding-hood-matted-1000x72I have a great fondness for fairy tales, and even have a modest collection of old fairy tale books.  I have vivid memories of reading these fantastic stories as a very young human, fretting for the safety of the characters as their rambling adventures brought them to far-off and impossible places.  I remember feeling wistful, even at that age, that I would never be able to travel there with them. Continue reading

Did I Dream this?


This image might seem like a fantasy created  in Photoshop, but I captured this scene with my Canon A550, pretty much as it appears.

For reasons I can’t explain, I never got around to adjusting the camera’s built-in calendar, so the date recorded in the image file’s metadata is an improbable January 1, 1980.  The probability of that being the correct date is very low, considering that the A550 wasn’t introduced until 2007. Continue reading