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Nokia_6133Here’s a series of photos captured with the 1.3 mp camera on a 2006 Nokia 6133 flip phone.  Toy cameras currently offer higher resolution, but the lesson can’t be ignored: the best camera is indeed the one you have with you. Continue reading

Two Part Invention

crane (1 of 1)-2

This post sort of reminds me of that circular discussion regarding some old work of art: “Did it survive because it was great, or is it great because it survived?”

That’s because the projects in this post aren’t really among the greatest things I’ve ever done.  It’s just that I happen to have photographs of them. Continue reading

Bench Racer

IMG_0021A long time ago, my father made a simple bench out of a scrap of 4×6″ fir.  Back then, a bunch of us were racing motorcycles, and we would engage in ‘bench racing’ sessions- reviewing  memorable moments from recent or famous rides- akin to the idea of the ‘Monday morning quarterback’ sessions. Straddling this rustic bench was a natural visual aid to the storytelling. Continue reading